Heavyweight Drill Pipe

Heavyweight Drill Pipe

Hilong Heavyweight Drill Pipe

In the drilling process, HWDP is a transition from a flexible drill pipe to a rigid drill collar. Moreover, it replaces drill collar to reduce friction in horizontal and extended reach wells.

  • Reduces the stress concentration between the drill pipe and drill collar
  • Prevents sticking of drilling tool due to differential pressure
  • Reduces friction and torque
  • Mitigates the problem of excess flexion on center wear pad

Hilong HWDP Quality & Performance

  • The integral HWDP and welded HWDP are manufactured by a quenching and tempering heat treatment process, which ensures that the HWDP body has better impact toughness.
  • Our MES and ERP systems allow us to realize comprehensive information management of the entire process from order to shipment, including manufacturing, inspection/test acceptance, and product traceability.
  • Pipe body 100% FLUT (longitudal, transverse, ultrasonic thickness measurement) + Upset end 100% UT or 100% MPI, HWDP tool joints and welding zone 100% UT + 100% MPI
  • Options for improving the performance HWDP: increased length of tong space for HWDP tool joint, make and break, cold rolling of threads, spiral grooves on center wear pad, internal coating, and hardbanding.

HWDP Product Types

  • Integral HWDP and welded HWDP
  • Welded HWDP includes standard-strength HWDP, high-strength HWDP, sour services HWDP, and Hilong premium connection HWDP.
  • With or without spiral groove

HWDP Specification (OD)

2 7/8", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", 5 7/8", 6 5/8"
Please refer to Table A.3 or Table 3 in our DRILLING TOOLS BROCHURE.

HWDP Product Standard

API Spec 7-1, NS-1, DS-1, Hilong high-strength welded HWDP specification, Hilong sour service HWDP specification